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After too many years in the radio wilderness it became apparent to Jon that the UK Radio Industry had effectively blackballed him from their cosy, liberal coterie and that they would be forever running scared of his straight talking, ‘tell it like it is’ approach to speech radio. So, taking matters into his own hands, on April 1st (yes really) 2015, Jon spent his last £80 on a microphone and started making podcasts in his spare bedroom.

He had no real plan, he just knew two things: he wanted to feel once more the thrill of the red light of live radio and he wanted to open up a dialogue with the people that really matter, the hard-working men and women of this country whose voices and opinions are rarely heard on Mainstream media.

Despite the Media Establishment’s current reticence, Jon is undeniably one the UK’s most decorated Talk Show hosts and has won numerous broadcasting awards including being the only presenter to win three Sony Gold Awards (The Oscars of the Industry) in one night.

Jon has worked on numerous BBC stations including BBC London and had over a million listeners when he was the mid-morning presenter on national radio station, talkSport. He was also a columnist on the Sun Newspaper for six years and won a prestigious British Press Award for Digital Innovation when he created the first radio station on a Newspaper website, SunTalk.

Having achieved 1 million downloads of his home produced podcasts in the space of just five months, Jon realised that his mixture of real life stories, family life, showbiz tales, politics and rants had found an audience.

The show has now delivered more than five million downloads and is one of the UK’s most successful podcasts.