1 in 10 living in Britain are foreigners!

Enough is enough, Britain is full! The OECD has released figures showing 1 in 10 living in Britain are foreign citizens, up from 1 in 20 just ten years ago! How is this sustainable? There is nothing racist about wanted controlled, well-managed immigration, and there's nothing wrong with not wanting your culture changed beyond recognition. When is one party going to get a grip and sort this mess out?
Jewish former Manchester mayoral candidate says the BBC are promoting anti-Semitism! The corporation have been slammed for a story on their website that said the Holocaust was a sensitive subject for Muslims, because it led to the founding of Israel! The line has been taken out, but no one from the BBC has apologised! Shneur Odze, former UKIP mayoral candidate came on to say why he's angry but not surprised!
We are a Christian country, so why are preachers being arrested for publicly quoting the Bible? Two Christian street preachers have been acquitted of public order offences, after being convicted in February. They were preaching in a Bristol shopping centre when they were accosted by a group of Muslim men. I spoke to one of the preachers Mike Overd, to find out about why being a Christian is becoming heretical in 21st-century Britain!
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I caught that show a few weeks back.. they have trans people on it as well :D

Deirdre, l keep hearing about Britain need for nurses and doctors . I wonder what is wrong with the indigenous population . Why can't they produce subjects to fulfill that and other needs in society?

Don't understand that either Manuel - suggests that the real problem is the welfare & training systems that we have.

Joe Henry - I love Scotland! If I were younger I'd be there. Gods own country, the very best.

Very kind of you to say so Deirdre - you're welcome up North anytime. Bring an umbrella and an extra jersey as you know ;-)

What no one mentions is with the many thousands of fit young men pouring into Europe, what is happening to the countries they left? How will they ever rebuild - fight dictators, put forward intelligent young people to move their countries onwards? Who is doing the work? Is anyone? Why does no one mention this. And when we get foreign nurses and doctors - aren't they needed at home? We aren't thinking things through in the rush to virtue signal.

Exactly what I thought when I saw that the majority of the incoming refugees were young men - who to my mind should be going in the opposite direction to fix the country they came from. The real refugees must still be there - only the stronger will be able to get out.

I thought we were helping migrants by providing their countries with £12billion of our money?

Britain his providing enormous amounts of money in foreign aid ,while back home is going bankrupt on social care and security . Cannot afford to keep the NHS ,keeps cutting on the police and security forces ,cannot afford to have planes to fulfill a recently build carrier .Britain is perceived to have more jhiadi fighters than army soldiers. London is being run by a Muslim son of a bus conductor ,at the image of aVenezuela where a bus driver is the president and misery is rampant.

Unbelievable but a real thing ,James Bible is becoming illegal ,churches becoming empty or converted into mosques Christians being silenced and arrested by cowards / traitors agents at the service of their Islamist masters . Britain is one step closer to become an Islamic state . TIME TO STOP THAT TO HAPPEN . DEMAND AND ELECT A PROPER POLITICAL LEADER WITH BACKBONE WILLING TO MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN

Unbelievable - Christian preacher arrested for offending Islam. Does this mean that all churches in the UK will now be forced to shut down? The King James Bible is illegal???? WTF?

I must say - please don't get me wrong about this - I have been coming down to London for years and it is great in many ways. But jeeze am I glad to get back to Scotland afterward. I don't mean any offence at all - I love the rivalry, but I also love English people. Please come up and live up here as well - most who do very quickly come to enjoy living in Scotland.

Great comments from The Snowflake on this podcast - he's a very switched on young man.......... for a lefty.

When you learn that the amount of possible islamic terrorists is bigger than your own army,mosques growing like mushrooms, Christians being arrested for daring to denounce Islamor just for quoting the BIBLE in public ,while islamists parade their terrorist flags on the roads of London under the nose of a police loyal to its Muslim mayor ready to arrest the likes of Tommy Robinson and let islamists have their way.Yes the nation is full and by the looks of it not full of the best