17 years since 9/11. Milk shakes to cure Diabetes?!

It is exactly 17 years since 9/11 and Jon Gaunt is saying it was the day that changed the World but was it for the better or worse?

Jon also talks about the idea of the NHS prescribing milk shakes and low calorie soups to cure Type 2 Diabetes. People must eat and drink this stuff for five months to drastically lose weight and perhaps reverse their condition. 

Jon says how about losing weight the www.simpleasfat.com way by eating real food and doing gentle walking?

Jon has a lot of experience in this as he was 22 stone and  a type 2 Diabetic for over 15 years and has reveresed his condition with diet alone and real food.

What a surprise that Big Food who got you fat are now the ones to supply you with more processed muck to reverse your condition. Jon is not buying it at all.

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