25,000 Jihadists now on Britain's streets!

Britain has up to 25,000 Islamists on our streets, and our authorities seem completely helpless! How should we respond to this threat, and have our leaders put us in more danger by not getting to grips with this problem? I spoke to Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of Britain's armed forces in Afghanistan.

Bristol’s lesbian, gay, bi- and transgender community is planning a counter-protest to directly oppose a demonstration in the city by a group calling itself Gays Against Sharia. Shouldn't they be doing something productive, like standing up to the Islamists who promote the burka, FGM and want to make homosexuality punishable by death? I spoke to Tommy English and Annie, two of the organisers of the march in Bristol, which is planned for lunchtime on Sunday 10th September.

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Richard is quite correct in what he says.

Who in his right mind allows lSLAMIC FILTH live&roam the streets of this once iconic nation,GREAT BRITAIN?If they are are British withdraw the nationality on the grounds of treason ,locking them up in detention centers as prisoners of war,and if by any chance their families start barking to loud we should deport them.Politicians should be put on trial for exposing us to mayhem and murder in the name of their failed deluded multicultural society.Drastic measures will save decent lives.START NOW!

Quite agree but our politicians prefer to appease the Muslims out of fear.