A Land fit for Zeroes not Heroes! UK is doomed with these Leaders.

77 years ago my home town of Coventry was devastated by the Blitz. This past weekend we have all been remembering our fallen heroes. However when you look at our insipid Political leadership and the Jihadi threat  you have got to ask was there sacrifice worth it?

Have we created a Land fit for Heroes or Zeros?!

They don't even seem to be able to deliver Brexit which we all voted for?

We have ex service people sleeping rough whilst Theresa May gives Council Houses to returning homegrown Jihadist and Traitors. A land fit for Heroes my arse!

We have teachers being sacked for not following the Trans agenda and a media that is so controlled that you can hear them squeak.

Hey but don't worry according to our useless PM its all the fault of the Russians and Putin. She pathetically tries to paint the Russians as the enemy when most people laugh at there and know the real enemy are the Political Elite who are defying the democratic will of the people over Brexit.

Thats why I think we have created a Land for Zeroes. Please let me have your opinion on Facebook, Twitter and at www.jongaunt.com.

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Most of our problems would disappear if we told Saudi Arabia to piss off, they bring nothing but hate.