Abolish House Of Lords and take the Commons' Remain Traitors at same time.

The majority of people in the UK believe that the House of Lords is tufted full of out of touch unelected cronies and needs radical reform.

Jon Gaunt says this unelected body just needs scrapping and whilst we are getting rid of these unelected fools who are trying to thwart Brexit and the will of the people we should also take a long hard look at the Remainers who infest the House of Commons starting with Theresa May.

Jon is delighted that Tory MP, Daniel Kawczynki is attacking Theresa as not an authentic Brexiteer and fully supports him when he dreams of Jacob Rees Mogg taking over the leadership of the Tories. 

Jon also criticises the lack of any real tribute to Lee Rigby n the fifth anniversary of his murder yesterday.


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Another great News podcast, Jon!

Totally agree, how can ninety Liberal peers be in their, don't tell me its Democracy