Abu Hamza must rot in USA Jail. EU are the New Mafia.

Jailed Preacher of hate, Abu Hamza is attempting to get a transfer back to a UK jail as he thinks his Human Rights are being abused in the High Max Prison he is presently in! What a joke and no doubt after spending a MILLION pound to get rid of him in the first place many of the Human Rights Brigade and liberal snowflakes will be campaigning for Captain Hook to come "Home".

No wonder he wants to come back as he knows UK prisons are a soft touch for Jihadist radicals like him and have been allowed to become breeding grounds for radicalisation.

We must never allow him back.

Meanwhile our useless Cabinet led by Theresa the Appeaser are meeting to discuss the end game with the EU! It seems pretty obvious to me that the UK is expected to bend over and handover 40 Billion and be punished. They have made it clear that we will not be allowed to negotiate trade deals without their permission. So until 2021 we will not be in the EU but we will be under their rule?! What kind of deal is that and it certainly isn't what we voted for on Independence day.

Jon also apologises to Nigel Farage in this podcast and wants to know if you agree with him.

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