After Korea UK should roll out red carpet for Trump visit.

The news that North Korea and the South want to give peace a chance is an absolute triumph for President Donald Trump and his odd style of diplomacy says Jon Gaunt.

Gaunty says we should be rolling out the red carpet for him and giving him a full State visit and we should be ignoring the yes and scream of the protestors who hate him. Stella Creasy and Sadiq Khan should shut up.

Whilst they protest and threaten to storm Westminster, the French in the guise of Macron have been cosying up to Trump and the USA.

After the Trump visit we should also be inviting Putin to London and trying to promote peace rather than upping the rhetoric. It is clear, says Jon Gaunt, that the bombing of Syria was wrong and the UK public did not support it. 

We need jaw jaw not war war.

We have had the butchers of Saudi Arabia in Buckingham Palace why not Trump and Putin ?

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The whole Windrush controversy - I think this is civil servant meddling. I don't think it is rascist though. Those that came here all those years ago, worked, paid taxes etc so they are easy to find. The immigrants who jump off the back of lorries, are not. If you're looking at quotas, they are numbers which can be quoted - "we expelled x amount of illegal immigrants" etc. So it looks good.

Little Owen Jones was on ITV yesterday morning saying how he was going to protest about Trump. Shame they didn't have him on when Piers Morgan presents it. He would've wiped the floor with him. The American guy who was also on did counter his cr*p though and made him look like a silly u informed kid. The feedback on their twitter seems to indicate most were in agreement with Trump coming here. Incidentally, Angela Merkel is also going to see him this week. EU leaders are getting in with Trump

There’s a few choking on their humble pie this morning John.But at least they,ve had the decency to suck it up.These morons like Owen Jones who are still planning unrest(I won,t call them protests because we all know what he really wants) really do need to give their heads a wobble.Finally we have a president of the United States that’s actually doing some good.