All Tommy Robinson fans and Lord Sugar are racist! Cobblers!

Jon Gaunt says the clampdown on the right of politics has begun and is gathering pace every day. 

Fifty of the usual left wing snowflakes have written a letter saying that all the people who went on the Tommy Robinson march were violent Far right Thugs.

This is of course nonsense but also deeply offensive. People went on that march to protect Free Speech and also to protest about the Establishment,  particularly the Left turning a blind eye to the Pakistani and Somalian Muslim rape gangs.

At the same time the left wing media in the UK and the USA are desperate to make the illegal immigrant story in to a cause that will bring down Donald Trump. Jon is ranting about the hypocrisy of the left.

Finally Lord Sugar has been accused of racism for posting a visual joke about the Senegalese football team being handbag sellers. People are saying he should be sacked for the racist joke.

Jon says get a life and get our of ours you dull lefty snowflake idiots. However he realises that these people are now controlling the agenda and effectively stopping free speech.

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Another great podcast from the MASTER of talkradio in exile, Mr. Jon Gaunt. Keep up the good works, Jon.