Anjem should be in prison. Gay Sailor deserves his medals back.

Jon Gaunt thinks that it is disgraceful that Anjem Choudary is back out on the streets of London.

He believes the sentence was too short in the first place and the nonsense of sentences being halved needs to be stopped especially for terrorist crimes.

Jon accuses the Establishment of playing Russian Roulette with our safety and compares and contrasts the softly softly approach to terrorists and their sympathisers with that of Falklands veteran, Joe Ousalice who was chucked from the Navy for being a homosexual. He was also stripped of his Long Service and Good conduct medal and now he wants it back and Gaunty supports him 100 percent.

Finally Jon talks about how EU chiefs have been caught on camera effing and blinding about Theresa May and calling her insane!

Do not miss this episode as Jon is on fire.

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