Anne Marie Waters announces she's standing as UKIP leader!

Anne Marie Waters will stand for leader of UKIP! Paul Nuttall has resigned as UKIP leader after a disastrous night that saw the party get three million fewer votes than 2015! Where next for the party? Who is going to ensure we get a hard Brexit? I spoke to Anne Marie Waters, the director of Sharia Watch UK who was stopped from standing at this election. Is Anne Marie the woman to revive the party, or are they already on the mortuary slab?
After getting such a pounding from almost every major newspaper and media outlet in this country, Corbyn's performance proves the controlled media is finished! The Labour leader saw his party, campaigning on a socialist manifesto, get 40% of the popular vote, their best result since 2001, and pick up seats across the country, including in the South East. Is the MSM eating humble pie today? I spoke to former newspaper editor, and the Wolfman of Fleet Street Neil Wallis.
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The UKIP establishment is out to stop Anne-Marie, we need a new right of centre party

Yes totally agree with Victoria - Anne Marie joining forces with Nigel, Raheem, Aaron, Steven Wolfe, Michael Heaver and Gaunty running the campaigns -,would be one hell of a force. Would get massive backing and it needs to happen !!

I think UKIP has been wrongly labelled a racist party so she should help set up a new party with Sir Nigel, Raheem & Aaron Banks.

Hope you win ukip leadership and we start dealing with the terror that is in our country. Perhaps people who stamped on their principals and voted labour will start to come back and regain their ideals and what they should stand for and vote the right way