Anne Marie Waters blasts authorities over Newcastle sex abuse ring!

Once again, vulnerable British girls have been abandoned by the authorities and left in the hands of a mostly Muslim sex abuse gang! This time, girls as young as 14 were groomed in Newcastle. I spoke to Anne Marie Waters about why she thinks the powers that be are still going to do nothing to help these girls!

I say the time to appease the fat goth Kim Jong-Un is over, let's take him and his vile dictatorship out! But one man who disagrees with me is Paul Connew, former editor of the Sunday Mirror, who's written a piece condemning the US President's actions in The New European. Have a listen to this interview and see who you think won! 
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its about time the people in power in this country started looking after their own, instead of all this pontificating about offending other people. The Mp who said this morning that she "lay awake worrying about what i am going to say, as it will upset people and they will call me racist" should hang her head in shame. Its not racism, its FACT. As someone said earlier on "if you win a baking competition or a sports event you are a Muslim, but if its anything to do with sexual abuse its Asian"