Anne Marie Waters on why UKIP top brass don't want her to stand!

Anne Marie Waters is the sort of passionate campaigning voice that UKIP needs to be a successful party again, so why has she been sidelined? The likes of Bill Etheridge, the Golliwog collector, and Suzanne Evans the closet Tory, have made it impossible for real radicals to stand for UKIP, and now they're facing oblivion! I spoke to Anne Marie to find out about why she thinks her campaign launch in Rotherham was stopped, and whether she plans to stay fighting for UKIP, or set up her own party!
Our armed forces are now smaller than Angola's and Poland's, and we have an aircraft carrier with no planes! So much for Britannia rules the waves, we couldn't even rule a public swimming pool. And now our lack of military firepower is making us a risk for our allies. The head of the US army Mark Malley has said that Britain's 92,000 regular standing troops aren't enough, and further cuts will leave us exposed. I spoke to the former commander of Britain's armed forces in Afghanistan Colonel Richard Kemp.
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I believe Anne Marie is a highly intelligent person and makes such common sense regarding many topics regarding Islamist extremists and Great British sovereignty. However to win the UKIP leadership she will need more substance and putcover her beliefs on other topics as strongly as she does on Dhsria Kaw. She should certainly have a leading role to play in a newvtigjt of centre party. If raheem would join forces they could be formidable.