Anti-Muslim rape gang campaigner Bhai Mohan Singh Ji speaks out!

The Muslim child grooming gang story is one of the biggest disgraces in our recent history. In Rotherham alone 1,400 vulnerable girls and women were targeted by predominantly British Pakistani men. Many Sikh girls were also targeted in this period. The media has tried to portray the protests outside the courts where some of the alleged rapists were on trial as an EDL or Britain First demo, but this is not the case. Today I spoke to Bhai Mohan Singh Ji, from the Sikh Awareness Society. He's one of the many Sikhs who have come out to protest the treatment of vulnerable women and girls. Bhai told me that the media is too PC when it comes to describing the Muslim rape gangs, and he hates the fact that they are called "Asian rape gangs" instead of Muslim. Why can't we call a spade a spade?

Tim Farron the Lib Dem leader must have been smoking something if he thinks legalising marijuana is a good idea! Maybe he's trying to win back the young voters, but even the most stoned young people aren't going to vote for the Lib Dems after their tuition fee betrayal! I say we don't need to legalise weed, it addles your brain and makes you do daft things, like join the Liberal Democrats!

Today I'm in Branson, Missouri, home for many years of Andy Williams, one of my favourite singers. The Andy Williams Theatre and Performing Arts Centre is in the city, and I spoke to resident headline artist Rick Thomas about the connection between Williams and Branson, and what it's like living in Show City.

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Bhai Mohan Singh Ji is an excellent speaker and did more for supporting British values, than any of our spineless political establishment.