Are The Saudis our mates or enemy?!

Jon Gaunt says that we need to compare and contrast our Government's rection to the Skripal case with the reaction to what looks like a murder in a Saudi Embassy.

Why are we pussy footing around with Saudi Arabia. Why have we allowed them to fund extremism in the UK and fund radical Mosques?

Meanwhile we are told that religious hate crime is on the rise especially against Muslims and especially after a terror attack in the UK.

Jon condemns all extremism and violent attacks but you have to ask the question is the Government doing enough to stop them happening and is this a reason why these hate crimes happen?

We have to have that debate says Gaunty.

He also talks about the way a GP practice has saved 15 percent on their drugs bill, £200 thousand pounds,  by using food and diet to combat Type 2 Diabetes rather than more and more drugs.

Jon asks if this is the way to save the NHS from collapse.

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