Arm ALL Cops now! Theresa May's Customs Union Betrayal of UK.

Jon Gaunt says forget just arming Rural Cops lets arm every single Cop in the UK.

With more murders in London than New York and an ever present threat from foreign and home grown Jihadists is time to fight fire with fire.

55 percent of Cops say they would carry a firearm so its time to give them the fire power. Jon says it is a failure of successive Governments to control our Borders, get tough on  sentencing and a soft prison regime that has led to this sad state of affairs.

Jon is also fuming about what looks like a betrayal of the UK population by Theresa May over the Customs Union. We are going to end up in a worse position than before the referendum and Jon calls for Theresa May to be replaced by Mogg.

Jon also has a pot shot at the sugar industry demanding a ban on sugary soft drinks.

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Disarm the citizenry, arm the police - what could possibly go wrong? Pah!

The majority of citizens who still have some type of firearm (even if it is, usually, just a single shot shotgun) live in rural areas. So why not *specifically* arm the police in those areas... just to make sure that they can never rise up against a corrupt-to-the-core government!