Ban the Burqa. Ban Boris and banish snowflakes please!

Jon Gaunt wants to ban the Burqa just as Denmark have done  and lots of other European Countries.

He sees it as a symbol of oppression and he says it has no place in twentieth century tolerant Britain.

Boris Johnson is facing a barrage of criticism for suggesting even less than a ban and the usual suspects are screaming that he is a racist and an Islamophobe.

Jon wants to know when is this Country going to grow up and have a proper debate about equality and fairness in all communities living in the UK.

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How many women news presenters and interviewers wear a burqua on BBC SKY CH4 etc.

Many people are told what to wear including TV presenters and they are happy to sign up for it.

Would a mother employ a burqua wearing applicant to look after her children while out working.

They without sin cast the first stone comes to mind Kate (lefty) Burley.

Boris is right! It must be very hot in there, too.

Great podcast as ever Jon.