BBC and the anti-semite, rape apologist is Bias gone too far. Close it down.

Jon Gaunt is raging that the BBC allowed an apologist for rape and an anti-semite on to the discussion about who should be the next PM of our great country.

The Bloated Broadcasting Corporation  are refusing to apologise but it does NOT wash with Jon. This was a deliberate attempt to paint Boris Johnson as a racist and anti-Muslim.

Abdullah Patel's comments on his Twitter account about rape are as disgusting as his anti-semite comments and the man should lose his job.

Emily Maitlis also needs to consider her position after the way she joined in on the attack on Boris and the Producers and researchers should be shown the door too.

However this programme just clearly illustrated the bias in the BBC against Brexit and is further proof that the BBC licence fee must be scrapped and the BBC dismantled .

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