BBC execs won't admit their anti-Brexit bias!

The BBC top brass are so arrogant, they won't admit they're biased, even when the evidence is put in front of them! The BBC have snubbed a dossier proving that of the 366 guest speakers on the business slot on BBC Today on Radio Four, 52.5% were negative against Brexit, and only 16.3% were positive! I spoke to broadcaster and commentator David Vance about why this proves they are out of step with Britain.

Donald Trump is right to talk tough on North Korea, if this was Hillary Clinton she'd have already sent the nukes in! The US President said that there would be "consequences" for the fat little dictator Kim Jong Un if he continued with missile tests. So what should we do with this despot with a dodgy haircut? I spoke to former UK diplomat to Pyongyang Dr Jim Hoare.

Trump is in Poland at the moment, and he told an ecstatic Polish crowd that Western civilisation is at stake in Europe. Isn't it good to have a President of America who recognises that globalism means fewer jobs, mass migration and an ever-powerful EU, rather than a shill like Obama who tried to push TTIP down our throats? I spoke to Polish Journalist Karol Darmoros live from Warsaw to get his thoughts.

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