BBC Racist Job advert, Olly Murs is not the enemy and EU Blackmail.

Olly Murs and Tommy Robinson are not the enemy despite what Piers Morgan and the MSM say.

Their reaction to the suspected Terror attack in Oxford Street was understandable, considering the sword of Damocles we are all now living under.

It was and isn't Tommy or Olly who allowed every Tom Dick and Abdul into the UK. It isn't them who are allowing 700 trained Jihadis back into the country and its not them who have carried out terror attacks on the streets of the UK.

No the fault lies with Sadiq Kahn and Theresa May and their mates in the mainstream media who constantly play down the Islamist threat and even suggest that we, the decent silent majority, are the problem because we can not be trusted not to retaliate!

The BBC ate the main culprits and now to add insult to injury the Bloated Broadcasting Corporation have a job advert that excludes white people from applying. The diversity problem at the BBC is not one of colour, sex or gender but of CLASS! How many working class people work there, how right of centre kids get a job there?

Finally the EU is trying to blackmail May into giving more then 40 Billion Euros to leave the EU. They even have the cheek to tell us we only have ten days to agree a deal. I say we should walk away as no deal is better than giving into blackmail. 

However we do not have any politicians with a backbone to put the UK first do we?

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