Big Food Big Pharma are Killing Millions. Top Met Cop protects villains.

Jon Gaunt says that Deputy Commissioner of the Met Police, Craig Mackey is a disgrace for siding with the violent burglar, Henry Vincent's family over the gross "shrine" they have erected in memory of him opposite the house of the pensioner, Richard Osborne-Brooks who killed him in self defence.

The British Police force is being run by Politically correct Pussies according to Gaunty and its no wonder that London has more murders than New York! This is Jon Gaunt in full rant mode so do not miss it.

Jon is also accusing Big Pharma and Big Food of fuelling the Obesity crisis. Having lost five stone himself and reversing his Type 2 Diabetes Jon now recognises he was given he wrong advice on what he should eat by the NHS.

Jon Gaunt also announces the launch of his new podcast series 

 Jon again accuses Theresa may of being a Poundshop Maggie Thatcher and demands that we do not bomb Syria without more evidence.

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What's with this Twitter ban? Looking through your tweets and there's nothing there to warrant such action. I remember back in 2015 when you went on about the importance of free speech. At the time it didn't seem to me a major issue. By god it is now. As usual you were ahead of the curve.
It seems now that a Twitter mob can get together to complain and in doing so, remove someone from the platform. It looks like a specific tactic of the left to silence any voice that they disagree with.

Hi Jon
The Police FARCE handling of the Hither Green burglary and arrest of a 78 year old for protecting his wife and property and the intimidation in the form of a so called 'shrine' and the threats to arrest people is farcical.
I believe those with Dementia need familiar routines, so my point to the police would be "What will the Stress and upset to the lady and her husband carer going to do to THEIR health"
Do they have permission to attach items to a private fence or are they lawbreakers?