Big Food don't want you to fix your own health. Fake News.

Gaunty talks about how the ASA have given him a rap on the knuckles for daring to say that you can lose weight, reverse Type2 Diabetes and take back control of your life by cutting sugar and carbs.

This is dangerous advice according to the unelected advertising people who run the private limited company called the ASA.

The Daily Mail have picked up on Jon's telling off and have written a fake news story on his lifestyle change. They even didn't print the whole of Leading Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra's support for Jon's way of eating.

Why does Big Food Bug Pharma not want us to cure ourselves is the biggest political question of the day.

Is this a case of looking after the profits of Big Business before the health of the nation asks Jon?

Have a look at and see if you think it is the work of the devil

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