Bono is a bonehead but society is fractured

I don't care what Bono out of U2 does with his dosh but I do hate his terrible hypocrisy. Preaching to everyone from the Pope to the Dalai Lama about ending World Poverty whilst stuffing all his cash in places like Malta and Lithuania.

However just like the Pestminster sex scandal I can't help but think tha the timing of this story is not coincidental. Whilst we all discuss Bono and Her Majesty's tax and Lewis Hamilton's jet we are not concentrating on the big issues that threaten our country and our very way of life.

Then I go on a rant about how local democracy is being broken down by the death pf local papers and local BBC radio. It seems to me that there has been and is a continuing tactic to fracture UK society. Everything from the demise of the local pub to the targeting of the traditional family is breaking down our communities.

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What a bloody hypocrite, wants our money for the Third world and squirrels his money to increase his fortune