Boris, Burkas, Brexit and Me!

Jon Gaunt can not believe that the Boris/Burka row is still going on and believes it is just the latest example of how powerless and useless Theresa May is.

It is clear now that she is toast.

Whilst the Tories have been fighting amongst themselves Jeremy Corbyn has been getting away with not dealing with the anti-semites in his party. 

Now it emerges that the man who could be the next PM, if the Burka row is not sorted, is being accused of laying wreaths on Terrorists Graves!

You really couldn't make this nonsense up.

Meanwhile Jon has been attacked for being white, middle aged and middle class!

He ponders why it is acceptable  to use a white man's colour or age to tear down their argument?

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Hi Jon have you seen this Aldi Blackburn

She brought your colour in to it more than once. The term "White Man" was used more than once in that interview. Pity her racist comments weren't picked up on more.