Boris, Close down whole of UK for 14 days to beat virus!

on Gaunt says that Boris Johnson should announce that he is isolating the whole of the UK to defeat Coronavirus.

All public transport should be closed and all flights in and out of the UK stopped.

If people have a job where they can work from home they should do that but if people have jobs that can not be done from home then they should be financially compensated once the crisis is over.

This is not the time for half measures. It appears that China has now got on top of this virus by closing down whole cities and regions and it now looks like we have to do the same.

If you read between the lines of the news coming out of the Cobra meeting then this is where we are heading so why not stop messing around and do it now.

Is Jon mad or is he making some sense?

Listen to this and please tell him what you think.

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