Boris is NOT responsible for 4 year old boy on hospital floor

on Gaunt states that Boris Johnson is NOT responsible for the photo of the 4 year old on a hospital floor.

The NHS is broken but it is the fault of all of our politicians not just the Tories.

The way the broadcasters have reported this story has been completely biased and the the outage on Twitter from both sides of the political divide has been disgraceful.

Meanwhile the shadow health secretary saying that Jeremy Corbyn is a  security risk has been brushed aside as "Banter."

Jon accuses the broadcasters of bias against anyone who is right of the Labour Party and says that Boris must reform them and axe the licence fee when he gets back into Number 10.

Jon also believes that terror victim Jack Merritt's dad should not have been interviewed just 48 hours before the election as it is clear what  his narrative is.

Let us know what you think.

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