Boris, May or Corbyn what a choice! Knife crime and Halal.

Jon wants Boris to stop messing about and get on with deposing Theresa May before she betrays the UK completely.

But what a choice between these 3 Muppets to lead our Country. Corbyn's treatment of Frank Field is a disgrace says Jon Gaunt.

Jon also talks about knife crime in the light of the stabbing to death of Neville Staple's grandson on the streets of Coventry. We have to stop pussy footing around the elephant in the room and get to grips with this murder epidemic amongst our youngsters.

Finally Jon has a rant about Halal. For the record he is against all ritual slaughter but he just wishes people would stop going on about it on his timeline as he finds the arguments boring , repetitive  and pointless as it will never be banned .

If baby wipes and washing clothes was good enough to protect the citizens of Salisbury after the Skripal nerve gas attack how come the Police cars are now being buried asks Jon Gaunt!

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Boris is one of them globalist scum. And regarding the Policeman who watched his colleague murdered.
Jihad assassinations are organized by SIS/MI6. What happened there was likely an assassination.