Boris must win Battle of the Burka.

Jon Gaunt states it very simply, Boris must win this battle of the Burka.

He is not being racist with his views as Muslims are not a race.

We do need to discuss integration and the debate can not be shut down by people like Theresa May playing to the gallery or appeasing Saudi Arabia.

Jon says it is disgusting the way Boris has been hung out to dry by the Tory  leadership and he thinks this could be the end of Theresa May as it would appear most people in the UK including many Muslims agree with Boris rather than her.

Jon is in brilliant form, do not miss this episode.

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I actually heard (incorrectly,) that he had apologised. Immediately, the consequences were being discussed: 1) that politically, he was finished. 2) That many thousands more would join UKIP/For Britain, as the only parties who would actually reflect the majority of the public's opinion. How different in Poland - where their politicians explain (to BBC interviewers,) that the reason they are not allowing mass immigration was that their electorate had said they didn't want it. The very thought !!!

Has anyone looked at the Lord calling for Boris to be kicked out. He was the Lord who was going to marry a " second " Wife 45 years his Junior in 2013 and the wedding was only called off the day before. . This skirt chasing Lord ( Paid for by us !!) wasn't admiring her for " Her lovely Burka" He should be kicked out !!
He brought the Tory Party into disrepute - there was a Police Investigation !!
People in glasses should make sure there are no stone to be thrown in their direction.

Boris should not apologies, freedom of speech for all. So long as you do not threaten violence. This Country is waking up at last!!! The pen is mightier than the sword. Labour/ Conservative have put the final nail in the coffin. We the people of this great land will not allow this hypocrisy any longer. Vote UKIP for a democratic right.

Thanks to Gaunty for telling us about the Blair/Straw Libya debacle, I Googled it and yes, lo and behold there's that tard Blair shaking hands with Gaddafi ? Strange how the news of Fatima Boudchers £500,000 payout never hit mainstream news reporting ? As well as Sami al-Saadi's £2.2million payout ?

No I don't think he should apologise.
He is right.
Every other country is banning the burka for security reasons.
We should be doing the same thing.
Also for security reasons.