Boris plays a blinder with Remainiacs, Corbyn, Owen and Femi

Jon Gaunt has been polishing his dancing shows all afternoon after Her Majesty agreed with Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament.

Gaunty says he was also laughing his head off as Sly News presented one dummy sucking Remainer after another this afternoon on the TV.

Owen Jones and Femi had faces like smacked asses and were completely out flanked by Boris and Jacob Rees Mogg.

Philip Hammond was spitting feathers and Sadiq Khan tried to give  Boris a lecture on being a fascist.

It was a delight to watch as these self serving pigs kept bleating about democracy being denied by Boris's actions when they have spent the last three years ignoring our democratically decided instruction to get us out of the EU. 

Now Corbyn is calling for an election, is he mad, is he a Turkey voting for Christmas. Boris would clean up especially if he had a pact with Nigel Farage.

Jon has the popcorn out and will be watching Sly News and the BBC all night just to watch the snowflakes melt.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice! 

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