Bye Bye Harry and Meghan now lets have some real news!

Jon Gaunt is delighted that the Queen has not given into the Ginger whinger and his WOKE missus and he can't wait for them and their snowflake view of the world to leave the UK.

To accuse the UK and it's people of racism is beyond the pale and unforgivable and to play the race card in such a blatant way is both dangerous and reckless. Jon is delighted that Laurence Fox stood up to this nonsense on the BBC and hopes that this is the start of the Common Purpose Cultural Marxist agenda falling apart.

Jon also wants to get on to the serious news issues like the scrapping of Hs2 and the industrial rape of thousands of young girls by men of Pakistani Muslim Heritage in towns across the UK and the Police cover up of these heinous crimes because of the PC agenda.

Jon says that every Copper who was involved in the 30 year cover up must be dragged to court.

Jon is on fire so do not miss this episode.

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