Catalans tell me why they're ashamed to be part of Spain!

Catalans who aren't even necessarily pro-independence are marching on the streets of Barcelona and elsewhere today, and who can blame them? The sight of old ladies being beaten and bloodied by riot police is enough to get me out and protesting!

The fact that the EU still won't condemn the Spanish government is a disgrace. I spoke to two Catalans about why they're angry. Marina is a protester in Barcelona, and Irene Baque is a Catalan documentary filmmaker who says she no longer is proud to call herself Spanish and European!

Lobbyists are using the horrendous events in Las Vegas, the worst shooting in modern US history, as an excuse to call for stricter gun laws, I say this is rubbish. The Second Amendment is the American people's last defence against a tyrannical government!

I think our gun laws are too tough, I don't feel safe in many parts of Britain, and why should we just leave guns in the hands of criminals? I went live to the States to speak to Breitbart columnist A.W.R.Hawkins.

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October 1st 2018- 1st anniversary of the Catalania Referendum State violence against the voters in the "illegal" referendum. Great to see Talk2MeRadio and covering the plight of the Catalan separatists when this has been largely ignored by the mainstream media outlets!