Celebrate Boris Condemn Yasmin! Agree?

Jon is celebrating that Boris is our new PM. But he can not believe the bias in the MSM in the way they are running Boris down already.

Jon wants to share Boris's optimism and make Britain Great again. He thinks it weill need the help of Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party but we will have a golden future out of the EU.

Jon condemns the foul and bitchy attack on Boris's Girlfriend on Twitter by Yasmin Alibahi-Brown this morning and says that if Yasmine has been on the receiving end of that bile she would be moaning like hell.

But again if course it is a case of the left being able to get away with anything.

Jon also asks if Yasmine will follow through on her promise to leave the UK if Boris ever became PM?

Have a listen it is a cracking episode where Jon also confesses that he does feel that he is European!

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