CNN exposed spreading Fake News about Trump and Russia!

CNN have peddled a fake narrative about Trump and Russian collusion for months, and now they have been exposed as the Fake News Network that they are! Three of the network's journalists have resigned after a new video revealed that CNN pushes Trump-Russia hysteria, despite knowing that the story is "mostly bullsh*t".

Not my words, but those of CNN senior producer John Bonifield! He was recorded by an undercover journalist admitting not only that his network has no evidence of Russian involvement in the US election, but that CNN and the US security forces try to meddle in other countries' elections all the time! To find out more about this final nail in the coffin of the fake news media, I spoke to US political commentator Scott Presler.

If you live in mainland Britain, YOUR tax money is going on propping up Theresa May and her grubby deal with the DUP! Yesterday's agreement that the party's 10 MPs will support the minority Tory government means public spending per head will be 40% higher in Northern Ireland than in England! This is wrong. I spoke  to chairman of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook.

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It is not credible quoting a politician (Robin Tilbrook) who poled less votes than Lord Buckethead! You need to at least find a crank who got a few more votes.

Jon, surely cnn should be dealt with by someone, if a possible president can be pillored and lied about what chance the man in the street who doesnt have the money or clout , regarding money for NI, we in wales have always been behind them & the scots with the barnet formula, it just does not work, irish get more for the troubles, the scots for the oil, and we've lost pits & communities and get nowhere near their funding, its like they hold us in contempt for being a socialist heartland yrs ago