Congratulations Donald Trump could you please come and sort out the UK next?

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice exclaims Jon Gaunt at the beginning of this podcast as he declares that we should all be celebrating Donald Trump's amazing success at bringing peace to Korea.

However the controlled MSM seem to have a problem with congratulating Trump which is no surprise is it, as he stands for everything they and our weak traitorous politicians will never be.

How ironic, that on the very day, that Trump pulls off the diplomatic deal go the year our self serving pigs in Westminster are debating how they could derail Brexit and therefore ignore the democratic wishes of 17.4 million people.

Jon says he will never vote again, so what about you?

Jon is also annoyed that Prince George is being criticised for playing with a toy gun and that some twits on Twitter are drawing comparisons between his toy and the murder epidemic that Sadiq Khan is presiding over in London. These people need to get a life and get out of ours don't they?

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How do we have free trade, when we pay millions a year, so what they are saying is you have to pay for free trade. It's like saying you can pay 30 quid to enter the pub but all the drinks are free !!!!