Copper sacked for Facebook “wrap terrorist in bacon” gag!

We live in a society that values words over the actions of our hard-working coppers! Serving PC Ross Lister from Cumbria Police has been fired for gross misconduct after making a Facebook comment deemed offensive to Muslims. On a post about the consequences for terrorists, Lister joked "What? Wrap them in bacon?" What sort of country are we living in where police officers are being done for hate crimes over a joke? Nick spoke to Oliver Lane, deputy editor of Breitbart London, who covered the story.

Disgraced Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein says he hopes he's given another chance, after British model Cara Delevigne became the latest to accuse him of sexual misconduct. But if rumours existed for years, why has he only been brought down now, and does this mean that there is still a bigger network of abuse in Hollywood? Nick went to Los Angeles to speak to Hollywood commentator and talent agent James Hirsen.

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