Copper talks sense. Theresa May talks Treason

Jon Gaunt is pleased that at last a normal Copper in the UK is talking some good plain common sense.

Richard Cooke the new leader of the West Midlands Police Federation is rebelling against Sajid Javid's potty idea to make wolf whistling, misogyny and nasty comments about punks and Goths a hate crime.

He quite rightly says the Police are already stretched to the limit and that is not what the British public want their Police to do. Jon makes the point it is great to hear a Cop speak like this but the Politically correct Common Purpose Police Chiefs will just ignore him and the public once again.

Theresa May has failed to get a deal in Brussels which is a surprise to no one apart from this deluded useless Prime Minister.

Now she is thinking of extending the Brexit leave time and as a result handing over another £15 Billion pounds to the EU Mafia on top of the £39 Billion we have already agreed to give them.

Jon has been calling for her to be put out of her misery and indeed for the UK to be put out of our collective misery for two years. This woman has to go and go now but it doesn't appear that there is anyone in the Tory party with the balls to either hand her revolver and the glass of whisky or to shoot the deluded woman themselves.

The UK is sitting on a powder keg and if she has betrayed the UK and if we do not get out of the EU as the public demanded Jon thinks there will be riots on the streets. 

Do you agree?

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Thanks for your great podcasts, Jon. The voice of common sense Britain!