Corbyn is right, May is wrong on Putin.

Jon Gaunt can't believe he is saying this but he thinks that Labour Leader,  Jeremy Corbyn is correct on needing the full evidence before we condemn Russia and Putin over the nerve gas attack.

Gaunty believes in the rule of law and the idea of innocent until proven guilty and everything we have seen in the UK Parliament over the last few days  has seemed to ignore this. This is mob rule.

Don't get Jon wrong if it is proven that Putin was involved in State Terrorism then we must act but what is the point of Theresa May increasing the tension now?

Talking of law Jon moves on to talk about the Government's idea to tackle our divided country by attacking Sharia Law. Over a 100 thousand Muslim women are in marriages that are not registered or not recognised.

Sajid Javid  has ignored Dame Louise Caey's review which called for immigrants to learn English within a set period of time.

How will we ever fully integrate if people don't learn to read, write and spell the Queen's English asks Jon Gaunt.

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Mr Putin the British government does not speak for the majority of the population,they have there own agenda
The guy was a spy the risk comes with the job, if you don't want a risk to your life don't snoop on other countries security...keep your nose out of their affairs and they will keep their nose out of yours who ever subjected this guy to an attempted killing is justified

The approach being taken about this biological attack reminds me of the lies the government spread about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. Given the *unproven* allegations of Syria using chemical weapons in Ghouta becoming more-and-more prevalent, I see this act by the government as a precursor to declaring war on Syria and sending in British troops to join the thousands USA have already put on the ground in the past few months.