Corbyn Must boot out Scumbag who says Poppy is racist!

Jon was very moved by listening to a programme on the radio yesterday about soldiers who fought in the First World War. He was particularly moved by the stories about their mental health and the shooting of deserters. It was a brilliant programme.

But then today he was sickened to hear about a member of Jeremy Corbyn's Militants, Aaron Bastani, who has described Poppies as a symbol of racism and Imperialism.

Bastani tweeted: "Absolutely sickening that as a country Britain spends £45million on poppies to feel good and help a worthy cause while 13,000 ex-veterans are homeless."

Jon agrees that something needs to be done about the homeless but to use them and the Legion as a political weapon is beyond filthy.

Bastani ranted: "We all know about the poppy appeal, it's a bit of a joke for people on the left.

"I think the poppy appeal is grotesque, it has a kind of triumphalist militarism to it... it's racist, right, it's white supremacist."

He also slammed Prince Harry's Invictus Games, a competition for war veterans, as a "PR stunt for the royal family".

Jon was gad to see that Labour Party Deputy Leader Tom Watson has condemned this man but now Jeremy Corbyn must act and throw the ignorant and offensive fool out of teh Party.

But Jon Gaunt is not holding his breath on that one!

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