Corbyn, Owen Jones and Jihadi Jack

Jon Gaunt says he knows it is the silly season but this weekend's news really takes the biscuit.

Deluded Jeremy Corbyn thinks he could lead a National Unity Government and be a caretaker PM. Derek Guyler out of Please Sir would make a better job than him.

But he is not alone as Caroline Lucas is up for the job and so is Ken Clarke and Harriet Harman

Meanwhile Owen Jones is claiming that he has been beaten up by the Far Right. Jon does not condone any political violence but he wants more facts. But the MSM are convinced this cowardly attack is the fault of Brexit?!

Meanwhile the parents of Jihadi Jack think Sajid Javid is a coward for taking away their traitor son's UK passport.

Jon says the only cowardly aspect of this case is that our Politicians are too scared to bring back the death penalty for such acts of treason.

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