Coronavirus chaos must stop. Close Tube and impose Lockdown.

One of Jon's best mates has just been diagnosed with Covid-19 and Jon is fuming that like millions of others his mate has not had a test. Jon  is even angrier that NHS workers have not all been tested and indeed that they have not got proper safety equipment.

He says that Boris Johnson needs to get a grip and test the nation and put the UK into a full proper lockdown with a curfew not this halfway house the is still leading to people ignoring Boris' instructions to stay home.

Jon states that the battle between Sadiq Khan and Boris over the Tube has to stop and stop now and the best way to do this according to Gaunty is to close the whole tube down now.

Jon wants to utilise the Black cab trade to help NHS heroes to get to work on a contract basis as many do in normal times with school children.

Jon is also blunt hat we must all do our bit too and stop relying n the State for everything.

This Jon isn full flow and at his best, do not miss it.

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