Coronavirus in Australia with Brian Schaffer.

Jon Gaunt is going around the globe and finding out how #coronavirus is affecting different countries by taking to real people in each nation.

Today he is talking to Brian Schaffer on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Australia, despite only having  a relatively small number of cases and deaths has just gone closed all bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

All flights into Australia are banned and effectively the country has closed all borders

However at this point schools are still open.

Brian agrees with all of these policies and is willing to go further and have a total lockdown for a period to try and beat #coronavirus.

He is amazed that the UK is not in lockdown and Jon and he debate whether the politicians in both countries have acted quickly enough and ha sth right approach.

They also discuss panic buying, hoarding and the moronic approach of some people ignoring the advice to stay home and self isolate.

This is a fascinating podcast and hammers home the point that #Cov-19 is a global pandemic which needs tough and decisive action by all Governments.

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