David Davis is the PM we need to save Brexit! 26th June

Theresa May has signed the deal on her grubby partnership with DUP, I say we need a new PM with the balls to take on Brussels! Not Jacob Rees Mogg, he's a laughable toff. Let's get David Davis, the man with the common touch and the political clout to deliver a proper Brexit. I spoke to political commentator and broadcaster Nick Jones to get his thoughts on who might replace May.
I agree with John McDonnell, I think the Grenfell Tower disaster could turn out to be murder, or at least corporate manslaughter on a massive scale! Around £1.5 million has been paid out to families directly affected by last week's blaze, but what happens next? I spoke to Katya Nasim from the Radical Housing Network.
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Agree jon, david davis is the only option for pm, hes held high positions before and contested for leadership, stood out for his beliefs regarding brexit, and needs a free hand to deliver, and get bloody hammond out to do his work

Anything is better than the useless May, at least Davis is a Brexiteer and wants what's best for the UK

came before peoples lives. More and more evidence is showing that this rush for green eco crap is not what its all made out to be. In the end the systematic failing has shown that those that make the reg's (on this case EU) and those that pass the regs show they are not the ones to be doing this work. Finally the people that should face the charge of manslaughter are the Councilors and MPs as well as maybe the contractors

So having had the balls to call in and in this case disagree with you, my point is still valid on murder or manslaughter. I do full agree it has been a systematic abuse by all Governments over the years. I did say the day after Grenfell it was the cladding and the isolation, but the fact 70+ blocks have had this cladding fitted means they all used the same regs to fit it. So why was it fitted in the first place? i say its the green (ECO Worrier) bull shit to save Co2, so again the ECO bit ....