Decision for Charlie Gard's life is for parents, not doctors.

The Charlie Gard story is tragic, but I say this isn't a call for the doctors, only the parents can have the final say. I spoke to professor of medical ethics at Imperial College London Dr Raanan Gillon, who told me why he thinks Charlie's parents have every right to take their son abroad for treatment. What do you think?
I had a brilliant call in this podcast from Nissar Hussein, an ex-Muslim who received threats, intimidation, and was even kneecapped in his home town in the UK for leaving Islam. He rang in to tell me why it was so hard for him to leave Islam, and why he stands by the dinner lady Rachel Booth's right to go to a march against Islamist terror!
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I could not for one minute fully appreciate the hurt and pain the parents are going through.
However Great Ormond street is one of the most respected and professional children's hospital in the world.
They don't suddenly become inept or deserve the criticism leveled at them from the parents and other so called experts, be they in the USA or armchair critics.
The poor child cannot move, has virtually no senses and cannot breath unaided.
There comes a time for some quality of life and dignity.

In the end it should be the parents' decision, not a court's. They say there is a 10% chance of saving Charlie and giving him at least a few years more. That is more than what the UK doctors are giving him, so I say 10% is better than 0% so they should go for it.