Denmark bans Burqa UK "bans" Abramovich! Crazy world!

Jon Gaunt approves of Denmark effectively banning face coverings including the Burqa in public.

He also loves their ban on Halal and Kosher meat and the Danish Government line that, "Animal rights are more important than religious ones."

He disagrees with Human Rights' Brigade who believe these acts are Islamophobic and anti semiotic and he calls for the same bans to be implemented in the UK.

Meanwhile Jon is incensed by the delay over Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich's visa which has led to him cancelling the rebuilding of Stamford Bridge.

Jon says this another attack on Russia by Theresa May and Boris Johnson and will damage the UK economy .

Jon also has another pop at Tommy Robinson and his idiotic arrest.

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Well done denmark !! Never understood how or why the UK came to ' cow-tow' to 13th century Islamic barbarism, even if it's performed properly its a disgusting practise, a prayer should be said before the animal is killed, and the knife should be super-sharp and be blessed .... what a load of *ollocks ! How many times have we heard about abbatoir workers abusing the sheep by punching, kicking and hitting them with chains before savagely hacking at their throats, screw halal in all forms !!

Jon Gaunt - you know he makes sense

Another cracking podcast, Jon!

Always a fair and brilliant podcast by @jongaunt