Deport the Grenfell Fraudsters. Tommy Robinson is still an idiot.

Two Jamaican illegal immigrants who lied that they were victims of the Grenfell Fire tragedy have pleaded guilty to their disgusting crime and are now awaiting sentence.

Elaine Douglas and tommy Brooks have been living in the UK illegally for 16 years, yes 16 years!

Forget about jailing them we should just deport them immediately without appeal says Jon Gaunt.

Jon also talks about how his views on Tommy Robinson have not changed despite a barrage of criticism on Twitter and Facebook from his listeners.

This is another cracking and classic Jon Gaunt rant.

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I agree with Chris & Lisa thank goodness I didn’t sign the petition

Hi Jon. The case you have referred to in Coventry had been in Court since January with reporting restrictions. Not reported on until they were found guilty.
I understand with Tommy's case that there is another trial due after the one he commented on and both could be prejudiced.

Hi Jon listened to your comments, about the Tommy Robinson issue,and I have to say I was initially taken up on the hyperbole of the event . But having listened to you , I have to agree.
And you know what , when I watched him live on Friday morning, I thought you are sailing close to me wind . And although I don't agree with what happened, it didn't come as a great suprise. Cheers
Chris Baxter