Do public sector workers deserve a pay rise, or are they being greedy?

Nick Margerrison stands in for Jon again today. We dive straight into a conversation about public sector workers, do they deserve a pay rise and is it a cushy life outside of the harsh realities of the commercial world?

David Cameron is getting heat for saying the politicians who promise one are “selfish”. Nick defends Cameron’s point but questions which point of view is more popular these days, pay rises or austerity.

According to a study by Professor Alex Bryson at University College London, there’s been a 3% drop in hourly earnings between 2005 and 2015 for workers in 32 public sector occupations. He joins us in this podcast with his thoughts.

This swiftly followed by Tommy Robinson, the journalist from Rebel Media. He speaks about the recent negative press coverage he’s had, the coverage the Football Lads Association (thousands of them protested in London recently against extremism) have NOT had and the plight of a woman who is being victimised at work for listening to one of his speeches.

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Yes! Front line Staff!
Not Management, admin or Pen Pushers..
Training has been changed to Degree level and research based learning.
However hands on is the way you learn to deal with people.. compassion is felt with the heart, empathy is not studied from a book.
The problem NHS has is retention of Staff, those Health Professionals with Skills, and continuing CPD which has been lost.. experiences passed down Learned from seniors.. all gone now, those pearls of wisdom we once held, Lost!