Do you believe Parker and your Government about Russia?

The UK's Top Spy has made a big speech in Berlin saying that Russia and Islamic State are the bogey men and both need defeating in their own way.

Jon Gaunt finds it hilarious and ironic that Andrew Parker accuses the Russians of peddling misinformation and propaganda when it is Theresa May and Boris Johnson who have spun a narrative around the Skripal poisoning that is constantly falling apart.

It is the UK Government that have issued 2 DA notices and effectively muzzled the MSM.

No one is questioning their story. Jon is not saying the Russians didn't do it but he is saying where is the evidence.

Gaunty really thought today was the day when he would have to eat humble pie and admit he had got it wrong and Boris was correct and "it was the Russians wot done it." But  Parker just rehashed the same story and the same allegations.

Jon states that you have to question why?

Add in the false chemical attack in Syria and you have to ask can we trust our Government?

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