Donald Trump is the Magic Man. Tax on Meat is nonsense.

Donald Trump has beaten all his opponents in the Democratic Party and the MSM again. Make no mistake he is the victor in these mid-term elections says Jon Gaunt.

Now the media is beginning to grudgingly accept that he does indeed have a magic touch when it comes to getting people to vote for him. They don't know what it is but Gaunty does, Donald connects with people and addresses their real concerns and the their concerns are vastly different to the Snowflakes and the Cultural Marxists who infest the swamp and the MSM.

Jon wants  a Trump figure in the UK and compares his style of Leadership to that of Theresa May and Sadiq Khan. 

Jon also demolishes the argument for a meat tax. He sees it as more Vegan propaganda and that such a tax would mostly affect those on lower incomes. 

Jon also states that animal fat is not the enemy but sugar is.

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