"Easy Meat" author says MSM are still covering up extent of Muslim rape gangs!

Last night the third and final part of the BBC's dramatisation of the Muslim grooming gangs in Rochdale was aired, with many viewers saying it was a PC fudge! The programme makers even tried to show local Muslims as victims, after some complained that locals no longer wanted to ride in their taxis! Can you blame them?

Peter McCloughlin is an author who started out taking the MSM's liberal narrative on Muslim rape gangs, before someone he knew was groomed. This led to him writing a book investigating the grooming gangs in his book "Easy Meat". Peter told me how the mainstream media are still covering up the extent of Muslim grooming that’s happening in this country!

All week we’ve been hearing how President Trump is taking a hammering from the media and the political establishment. Is this a media witch hunt like he says? How does he turn the tide? I spoke to staff writer for The Atlantic David A Graham, who talked about his piece entitled “The Trump Presidency Falls Apart”.

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Our girls need help support from SeniorPrimary age in school. Parents in raising chaperoning girls, pastoral care, morals all way around..
Sexual Education is key to the mindset of these teens.
We did it before in UK back in the 1950's 60's 70's .. so the issue is
how we deal with the culprits, who putting our children/young girls at risk.
We must teach them to be strong, physical actions, and respect for themselves in Woman's Health. What's right & wrong,
Encourage restraint

They come in to the UK they know that they can do as they please ...rape are children take are housing jobs basically anything they bastard want, all because of human rights shit. Well I for one have had enough of them they are rude arrogant piss taking breed thaT should be shipped out ASAP .
Let's make are Country safe again for are children....