England does not need Hypocrite Theresa May's support.

Jon is overjoyed that England won against Colombia last night but he is disgusted that Theresa May is now trying to jump on the bandwagon and once again divert attention away from her Brexit betrayal.

This woman and Boris Johnson has done everything in their power to stoke up anti-Russia feeling and have failed.

The World Cup is a stunning success and despite their propoganda it is clear that the Russian people do not eat our babies or our football fans!

Ever since they hastily blamed Putin for the Skripal attack their narrative has become increasingly stupid.

Now there is another major incident in Salisbury, concerning a suspicious gas. Will they blame the Russians again?

May's anti Russian stance is why Harry and William were not at the match last night and why many English fans have not travelled. Now she wraps her self in the Cross of Saint George and congratulates the team!

She is not fit to clean Harry Kane's boots and the UK public should give her and Boris the boot asap.


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